Our Vision

To be an excellent public institute supplying qualitative and effective services.

Our Mission

Upholding the livelihood of the General Public inhabited in the area by supplying services in compliance with the State Policies, coordinating resources and  executing an efficient, sustainable and planned development process along with the people’s participation.


The regional administration of Neluwa was established as Regional Revenue Office , Hinidum Pattu (North)  in 03.02.1975.Upto the said period, the Neluwa area had also administered by the Assistant Government Agent’s Office,Hinidumpattuwa located in Thawalama whereas the Hinidum Pattu Division was divided into 02 Divisions namely :Hinidum Pattu (North) and Hinidum Pattu (South) (Thawalama) in 1975. At first, this office premises had been located at Batuwangala,Neluwa. Thereafter,within a short period of time this Regional Revenue Office was upgraded as an Assistant Government Agent’s Office.

Accordingly,the office which had been located at the Batuwangala was relocated in the present place on 19.04.1985.Subsequently,the Assistant Government Agent Office was converted as the Divisional Secretariat,Neluwa since 1992.

Mr.G.L.Piyadasa, the Assistant District Secretary who had been serving attached to the Hinidum Pattu South (Thawalama) was appointed as the first Regional Revenue Controller of the Division in 1975 and since then several Regional Revenue Officers, Assistant Government Agents,Assistant District Secretaries, and 17 Divisional Secretaries have led the regional and public administration. Accordingly, Mr.Chathuranga Gunasekara has been appointed as the Divisional Secretary , Neluwa Division  dated. 21st of June,2018 whereas still serving therein.

Key Information

Divisional Secretariat,Neluwa located in the North East Boundary of the Galle District, which  also called as Hinidum Pattuwa lies between 6-17-6-25.5 of Northern latitudes and  between 80-19 & 89-29.5 of Eastern longitudes.This Division is bounded by North :Kalutara and Ratnapura Districts,by the East  :Matara District ,by the South:Matara District and by the West: Divisional Secretariat Division,Thawalama.

The Divisional Secretariat,Neluwa has been extended within an area of 15384 hectares alias 153 Square Kilometers. 9.25% of the entire land mass of the Galle District belonged to the Neluwa Divisional Secretariat which occupies the 4th place out of 19 Divisional Secretariat Divisions of the District.  

This Divisional Secretariat is existed in the North East boundary of the Galle District ,120 -140 kilometers away by the North and 145-170 kilometers by the East.

In addition, Pahala Maddegama Grama Niladhari Division is the smallest out of 34 divisions while Lankagama Grama Niladhari Division is the largest. This area, Neluwa  consists  of variety of rocks belonged to the Precambrian era and especially of the Charokitic and Meta Politic rocks  under the Vijayan Series.

When the geographical asperity of this division is considered ,it has 03 major geographic zones  namely: Grasslands,precipices with medium height and lands contained of mountains taller than 500 feet. This division is located in a general elevation which exceeds 300 feet.The remaining high elevation as per the geographical asperity has resulted as this division consisted of a mountain range extended to North West and South East is closely located  by the Hill Country.

This division is usually identified through two major rainfall zones such as: between 5000ml-4000ml and 4000ml-5000ml classified in accordance with the rainfall pattern. Therefore, this division is called as an area belonged to the low country wet zone receiving an average rainfall which exceeds 3000ml without not having very hot temperature or strong winds followed by the rainy season.

Further,the Divisional Secretariat,Neluwa is belonged to the South West low lands as per the geographical asperity.The average elevation of this division exceeds 120 meters.There is a range of mountains beyond the contour line in accordance with the geographical asperity whereas this mountain range is extended to North West and South East.This Divisional Secretariat has been existed in the maximum elevation range out of the other Divisional Secretariats  since it has been  located below to the Rakwana mountain range under the South Hill Country.

The northern portion of this institute is bounded by the Sinharaja Forest while the western portion of the North boundary exceeds an elevation of 450 meters. Further, Dothalu mountain located by East lies in the elevation range of 757.6 m, Paththinigala Mountain area lies in the elevation range of 602 m while  Kolontotuwa area’ s elevation takes 546 m and in Lankagama area this exceeds 570 m while the Eastern boundary exceeds 775 m.Furthermore, the elevation of Dellawa area is 600 m and the elevation of Dangala area is 701.1 m.

The elevation values are depicted as 510 m by South Portion of Millawa, 579.6 m by Miyanawathura, Kalubowitiyana by 732 m and Kabaragala by 519 m.

Further, the elevation of Danawala, Embalegedara,Mawanana,Gingummaduwa are nearly 150 m.

Menikawita area and Happitiya area located in the inner part of the Neluwa Division do have the elevation of 413.4 m and 238.8 m respectively.

The Gin River which arrives to the Neluwa Division from South East begins from Gongala Mountain of Rakwana Mountain Range. Gin River  which accesses to the Neluwa Division from South East origins from the Gongala mountain of the Rakwana mountain ranges. However,Gin River is the main drainage source in Galle District.  It  directs to the area from South East and flows to the west part through the south boundary of the  Lankagama and Madugeta Grama Niladhari Divisions ,then to the North through Batwangala  Madugeta  boundaries and to the west through the Maddegama,Neluwa and Mawanana South boundary and enters to South Portion (Divisional Secretariat,Thawalama) . A tributary enters from the North,East and South of the Gin River.

  Divisional Secretaries served  under the Divisional Secretariat, Neluwa since 1991 .





Mr.Piyadasa Liyanaarachchi

Divisional Secretary



Divisional Secretary



Divisional Secretary


Mr.Vijitha Jayasundara

Divisional Secretary



Divisional Secretary


Mr.Dharmapala Kasthuriarchchi

Divisional Secretary



Divisional Secretary



Divisional Secretary



Divisional Secretary


Mr.S.Loku Gamage

Divisional Secretary



Divisional Secretary



Divisional Secretary



Divisional Secretary


Mr.Nimal Gunawardhana

Divisional Secretary



Divisional Secretary



Divisional Secretary


Mr.C.B.K.Janaka Gurusinghe

Divisional Secretary


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